Frequently asked questions

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Frequently Questions Asked

  1. Q. Who will build my house?
    A: Our experienced Construction Office work with local build contractors in your region to facilitate and meticulously manage the build process. Build7 have built hundreds of homes over the years for a wide variety of people, from families to investors. As a result, our experience has been honed, broadened and enhanced by the opportunities we've had. No matter the unique needs of our clients, we can confidently offer an experience to help the building journey from start to finish.
  2. Q. How much does it cost upfront?
    A: Build7 cover all of your design fees, we are on a mission to improve the standard of living and make architecturally designed homes more achievable. Our focus includes providing strong architectural detail in all of the homes we have the privilege to be part of.
  3. Q. What do Build7 clients say?
    A: What Build7 clients love most is our personal and targeted approach that guides clients through the entire design and build journey, and our network of quality local builders. What sets us apart however, is our streamlined systems and our experience. The building game has changed, and with a highly organised and hands on system we are on a mission to improve the way architectural houses are built in and around New Zealand.
  4. Q. How do you keep communication up through the build?
    A: We have an app called As a client you are able to communicate with subcontractors, see timelines and completion dates. Each portion of the build is broken down with timeframes on each. We also have regular site meetings and each job is assigned its own dedicated project manager.
  5. Q. Do you charge a generic square metre rate?
    A: No, and no reputable builder will discuss a SQM rate prior to final design and pricing. A square box is far cheaper to build than a rectangular one - even if they are the same square meterage. A rectangle for example needs more windows, more cladding, more Gib because its circumference is larger than a square of the same size internally. We will explain this more in a design brief, but we can work to most budgets depending upon design.
  6. Q. What are your prices?
    A: Prices vary depending on what you are looking for. Our process means we meet with you on your section & start to gather information on what your wants and needs are. We sit down with a blank piece of paper and get all of your design elements into a design brief and it goes in for pricing.
  7. Q. What insurances do you have to protect my new build?
    A: Build7 has contract insurance and we are registered master builders which means the homeowner is protected with a 10 year master build guarantee that starts from the time they sign the contract. It covers a range of things such as materials, workmanship and structural defects to name a few.
  8. Q. Can I make changes through the build?
    A: Yes, certainly. You can make as many changes as you wish post contract - as long as they are not structural changes. You will want to ensure the footprint of your dream home is set in stone for the working drawings stage of the process - but, in terms of cladding, taps, products used etc etc - change away. We do not charge any fees, or any margin for that matter on variations - what Build7 is charged is what we charge the client. You pay the variations bill at the completion of your build.
  9. Q. How are your House Plans created?
    A: All Build7 house plans and floor plans have been designed and carefully created by our architectural designers over a number of years. Our designs range from ‘affordable’ – which are suitable if you are a first home buyer right up to… the sky’s the limit! Basic modern principles apply in order to maximise space and take into account the purpose of each area of the house. Design details are important. Some designs are 2 storey, some are single storey, and some suit sloping sections and different topography. Get in touch for personal help.
  10. Q. How does the pricing work?
    A: Pricing of your new home will depend on a number of factors. These include the size and design of the house, your location within New Zealand and other factors. The best way to start is to request a free consultation and have a no pressure discussion about your goals. We’d love to help.
  11. Q. What changes can I make to your House Plans?
    A: You can change anything! It’s your home, and it should be perfectly suited to your style preferences, lifestyle, family and your budget. After years of house building and understanding modern principles of house design we’ll guide you through the process. Using one of our house plans as a ‘base’ plan then tweaking it to suit you can make it truly unique and is a great option for some clients.
  12. Q. I'm not sure what I want. Can I get help?
    A: If you are just getting started on your new home journey, then we would love to give you some honest ideas and guidance with house plans and the building process in general. We provide a Free Build Planning Service which allows you to understand the process so you can feel in control. This service is pressure-free and could save you money and time. For more information, please contact us.
  13. Q. I see a Floor Plan I like, what do I do now?
    A: If you like a floor plan or design in our range then the next step is to get in touch for a conversation without any pressure. We’ll talk to you about finding land (if you need it), and how we can transform the design you like into reality. There’s a number of steps involved, but with our help the process doesn’t have to be daunting.
  14. Q. Can I talk to you about finance?
    A: Absolutely. Build7 work closely with finance or construction loan specialists who are experts at putting together the finance you need to start the House and Land project. This area of finance is specialised and in our opinion is outside of the area that banks usually specialise in. It’s worth talking to one of our independent mortgage experts. Their service is usually free.
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