Why is a site visit & design brief crucial in building a high performance home?

Our commitment to new technology in the design phase

Offering kiwis the freedom to make their own choices is foundational to the way Build7 operates throughout New Zealand. If you are based in Canterbury, this weekend is your chance to visit our Lincoln Inspiration home and talk to the team about your land, and the healthy home you want to build there!

Many of us seek to live in a more sustainable way with the choices we make; designing and building a high performing home should be no different. This is not only about doing your part for the environment or your family’s health, but it also makes good economic sense when viewed especially over the long term. New technologies for high performing homes are certainly not a fad, and its inclusion early in the design phase is crucial to producing the best outcomes heading forward.

Nick from Build7 takes you through one form of modern technology that is often requested by customers.

Build7’s complimentary design brief offers an ability to relay your preferred choices for how you would like your home to best function. It is our upfront, no obligation investment to you from the start. Our commitment is then to provide you with plans, 3D renders and elevations, without the associated price tag, or pre-contractual agreement, until you have everything exactly as you want. The option is then left completely over to you as to whether you wish to progress forward.

Our certification with the Passive Institute of New Zealand allows us to work collaboratively with many leading edge technologies and companies; whether that be high performing glazing or insulation options, central heating systems, or making a more sustainable choice of materials and processes throughout the building period.

New Zealand building practices are governed by a nationwide building code. This ensures homes are built to a required industry standard. However, it is important to note that this code is only a minimum standard for how your home should function. A minimum standard may not be what you may wish to settle for, and this can be heavily influenced by your local climate, sunlight hours and potential layout of your floor plan, among other factors. So it is best to get some advice if you are unsure.

While there can be various cost considerations to bear in mind, our complimentary design service allows you to explore all the options out there with the freedom of no commitments. Whether that is particular products you may have heard of, a new type of technology you are interested in, or if you are after a certain outcome and just don’t know how or whether it is achievable.

Our pricing model is the most accurate on the market, meaning we can then produce a fixed priced contract from your design brief to build your ideal high performing home.

Visit one of our Inspiration Homes this weekend to book your free site visit and design brief with our team, and to chat through the many design and style options available through the support of our architectural design team.