What is the square metre rate to build a house?

This is a common question to ask, but comes with some caveats. Read on as we lift the lid.

For many wishing to undertake a new build it is completely natural to ask the question. How much does it cost to build a new home?

For many years the standard response and most common tool has been a figure created by multiplying the square metres of a home’s footprint with a rate provided. This simple measurement is great….if it was really that simple!

Why the square metre rate is an outdated estimation tool for building your new home

Let’s first look at what is a standard house! The ‘average’ standard house size consented in 2019 was indicated as being 180m2. So assuming you just simply multiply by the square metre $XXXX rate, then you have your answer, correct?

Unfortunately this only gets you so far along the way, as it doesn’t take into account the following:

  1. The numbers do not adequately account for the massive role of design in building a new home.
  2. The numbers insufficiently address the unique needs of each and every new home buyer
  3. The numbers often assume an inaccurate distribution of building costs and materials.

Taking this example further, it doesn’t take into account the circumference of a home. If a 180m2 rectangular home (Home A) is compared against a 180m2 square home (Home B), you will have the same internal floor area. But the key here is the circumference is larger! This means more labour, building materials and design to build Home A.

It may not initially appear like a big detail if glanced over, but oversimplifying this all important aspect can lead to disappointment before you even get yourself underway!

At Build7 we want to be transparent from the very first interaction. By determining your budget from the start we can ensure that a custom build home is achievable, allowing you the comfort of knowing you can go all the way up to a home with plans, elevations and renders without any contract or financial commitments. We then have the ability to price a job with accuracy.

It is our investment to you from the start, and a clear way to ensure no cost blowouts are incurred along the way, for the ultimate peace of mind.

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