The Power of National. The Personality of Local.

If you don't already know, Build7 builds homes all across New Zealand; we're part of a bigger team creating dream homes for people on a national scale.

We have team members positioned in critical locations across the country, offering the same incredible service and experience to people like you. We believe that fact provides benefit to our clients in multiple ways; at the same time, we work hard to ensure that each person we work with enjoys a personable, warm experience. Each of us at Build7 is also a homeowner. We've been through the process and can sympathise with the rigours of buying or building new. This short blog covers some of the benefits our clients receive from both of these aspects of our company.

The Power of National
Well Rounded Experience
We've built hundreds of homes over the years for a wide variety of people, families and investors. As a result, our experience has been honed, broadened and enhanced by the opportunities we've had to overcome obstacles, solve problems and deliver quality results. No matter the unique needs of our clients, we can confidently offer that experience to help in that building journey from start to finish.

A Wealth of Inspiration
We don't build from a plan book: custom is in the DNA of our company. Each plan that we showcase on our website was created specifically for a client. In comparison, that may have been their ideal destination, but for you, it’s a starting point. When you look through our collection of plans, you see the details and possibilities that we've made happen for others; we hope that you would be inspired and never limited. Better yet, we hope you feel confident to be working with a builder that has the flexibility to make your dreams a reality.

The Weight of National Scale
Because we operate on a national scale, we pass the benefits of our buying power on to our clients. That means that we keep our pricing competitive and our client expenditure as low as possible by bringing our corporate relationships and influence to the table. Our systems are designed for maximum efficiency and transparency, which keeps the mental costs of our process to a minimum as well.

The Personality of Local
Relatable, Friendly Service
While we might have the strength of a national platform,

we have the sensibility of a local company. One of the feedback points we receive often is that people felt that they knew us, were welcomed and cared for genuinely. We're always thrilled when we hear stories of how the Build7 experience went beyond just a beautiful home to a significant and lasting relationship with our team.

Supporting Local Labour & Suppliers
We work with as many local trades and suppliers as possible because we believe that our community should thrive as a result of our business activities. It's those established relationships in each region that keep our build process running smoothly and effectively, which ultimately makes for a cost-effective and stress-free experience for everyone involved.

Valuable Connections for Every Need
Hand in hand with our trade relationships are our connections with local professionals that can assist our clients in achieving their goals. We have contacts in finance, real estate, investing, design and architecture: chances are, we know someone who can come alongside and help our clients get where they need to go.

We're pleased to be a builder that offers the power of a national team in tandem with a down-to-earth, community presence.