The excitement of a complimentary site visit

The biggest accomplishments in life always start with two things - an idea, followed by a plan of how to get there.⁠

Setting your sights on a new home comes with a mixture of emotions that may give you that real stimulation of your senses. It's a big undertaking after all, and a lot rests on getting things right!

Our excitement with meeting you on site is that we get to connect on a personal level, while learning of all the elements that make up your new home vision. It may not feel like you have a very complete picture in your head, but that is ok - nobody has every single detail in place this early on, and you are certainly not expected to!

Build7 is set up to be that conduit between the idea stage and its execution. Much like a rally car driver, you are at the wheel and we act like your navigator, mechanic and technical support team to get you there!⁠


What to expect on a complimentary site visit?

One of our local team members will visit you on site to explore everything unique about your section. We are mobile and will come to you with no pre-existing ideas, plan books or obligations of what you need to do next. This is all about you from the start, and it is the same way we approach things every step of our process.

As with any new relationship, it is important to us that we have a strong connection and that we can both relate on a local and personable level. We are in the business of people, and we just so happen to be pretty well versed in helping to design and build architectural homes!

By dedicating the time to getting to know you, we can then ensure our entire process takes your own individual circumstances into account.

What else happens during that first meeting?

We encourage you to bring along anything that has inspired your ideas, it can be absolutely anything, including scribbles on the back of an envelope, a wish-list, or images of the kind of homes you like. Or it may be that you have it all in your thoughts - anything is ok!

We can also take into account some initial considerations such as access, gradient, section shape and positioning among other preliminary details. This particularly helps should you wish to go further with Build7's complimentary design service, as we will relay this information back to our Architectural Designers. 

What to expect next?

Should you wish to take advantage of our complimentary design service we will include floor plans, elevations and renders. We will keep in touch with you to provide updates on the initial concept designs, we may also request some further details throughout this process. 

As our architectural team is in-house and well resourced, we have the ability to manage this part of the process on your behalf. This ensures you do not have to worry about increasingly high design costs and no waiting for other entities to get back to you (or us) to proceed further!

What if I want to change anything about the design?

This is not only allowed, it is both encouraged and expected! Having total control of the process and design freedom is essential for us! Alongside our architectural design team, our Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Construction Manager and wider construction team all sit alongside one another. This ensures these changes and considerations are more easily applied, as we share the one central office in Christchurch!

Ready to book in your complimentary site visit and design brief with someone from your region? 

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