New Year, New House

As we wind down 2021 and gear up for the next year ahead, it is important to pause and take a look at what is most important for you and your family. This may mean acting upon some of those goals that have been at the forefront of your mind for some time, but just needed to notch up a gear.

2022 is brimming full of new opportunities, and though the future may not always seem certain, it is ultimately what you make of it. For many, that may be taking the next exciting step of a new home! Though it may seem daunting at first, but as with most things in life, if you break it down into stages, you will start to see it is increasingly more manageable and achievable.

Here are some free, easy and no obligation options to get you into that new house next year – that is if you are ready to take that next courageous step!

Visit one of our Inspiration Homes

We are down to our very last weekends to view the Inspiration Homes before Christmas / New Year. With the last weekend being the 19th December for Halswell and 12th December for Cromwell, so if you have always been meaning to, don’t miss out! The holiday period for many is where we can take a well-earned breather. Equally it can be a very busy period for many people in business. It is very easy for schedules to fill up quickly with kids finishing school, Xmas work functions and the like!

Using this time we have prior to connect with our team and view one of our stunning homes will mean you are able to hit the ground already, as we head into the new year. There is something to be said for those that come out of the starting blocks first! It will also mean you have that much more time to conceptualise or consider changes in the design of your ideal home, all while you are sipping on a cocktail in the sun - if you are so lucky!

Cromwell Inspiration Home 18 Arion Court, Pisa Morrings, Cromwell. 12 – 4pm Saturday & Sunday. Private weekday viewings also available by appointment. Last viewing 12th December 2021.

Halswell Inspiration Home 35 Light Mood Road, Halswell, Christchurch. 12 – 4pm Saturday & Sunday. Private weekday viewings also available by appointment. Last viewing 19th December 2021.

View more on our Inspiration Homes here


Book in a site visit and design brief

Rather than coming to see us, we will come out to see you! We are more than happy to visit your site, learn of its unique benefits, what you love about it and then start discussing the vision of what you want to create!!

Every single site we come to is unique, and seeing it in person will ensure our design team is well versed in the site characteristics; so you can achieve the most benefits, while factoring in a number of important considerations such as orientation and layout.

As the Build7 design and construction team all work out of the same office, all conversations, adjustments and decisions are made with all our team members in unison. This gives our team a competitive edge & allows us to be highly efficient in our process and turnaround time.  Stunning custom architectural home design is what we do - our clients love having this freedom, flexibility and the complimentary approach we extend in designing a new home.

Book in a complimentary site visit and design brief today!


Download our ready-to-go architectural home plans

If speed is of the essence, or you want to consider some more of the expertly crafted designs we have, then this is a great starting option. With a range of modern options available, this is a great way to speed up the process significantly. The best bit, if you pick a design you really like we will still be able to make modifications (free of charge of course), to make it work just right for you. With all the forces at play at the moment, being quick to market is an essential part of helping you get into that new home this coming year.

If you are wishing for your home to have a high performance edge in relation to energy efficiency we can easily incorporate this within the design phase. As certified members of Passive House Institute New Zealand we care a great deal about our homes not only to have an exceptional look, but knowing they will perform to the best possible standards for your family’s long term health and wellbeing.

Download some of our ready-to-go architectural home design plans here.