Getting your build timing just right

It is hard to put in to words the excitement of building a new home. Whether you have saved up for a long time creating a nest egg for your first home deposit, or if you are an existing home owner that is looking towards that next home you have been imagining for many years.

For a vast majority of people, building a new home in New Zealand typically will start with purchasing within a dedicated residential development. Bringing a residential development to the market takes a lot of time, resources and money for a developer, and while there is a steady flow of residential developments underway throughout the country on an ongoing basis, it can come down to getting the timing just right. The perfect location may not come up for several years, your ideal circumstances may not be well timed, or if all is perfectly aligned, then you are often in a fierce competition with many others wishing to secure their own block. It is not unheard of to see land releases 6 to 12 months (or even more) into the future, so it pays to keep this in mind with your overall planning and start the process as early as possible.

Build7 has grown substantially over the last 2 years to cater to high demand, which has in turn led to us operating in more regions than ever before. Having our design and construction headquarters in one place allows our expert team to work closely alongside one another, while our regional team members are at the forefront of our client interactions. This set up allows us to be nimble and accommodating to a number of projects on the go all at the same time and takes advantage of local knowledge.

New Zealand is in unprecedented times as new home consents over the last year are up by an amount not seen since the 1970’s. A range of factors has meant that new home builds are at their highest levels right now. This is a great thing when considering the well documented need for homes for New Zealanders to live in. However, the flipside to that is it puts a much higher strain on supply chains and materials, consenting staff and other types of labour and expertise.

Considering your design and build options

With Build7 the time frame to receive your first concept plans back can take up to 4 weeks. We anticipate a number of changes will likely be made to perfect the size of rooms, window placement, storage options etc - it is important to note this is expected, and an important part of the process to get exactly right. This is why we allow for it within our complimentary design service.

While there are a number of factors at play as we head into 2022, there are some aspects that you still have complete control of. One of the most important, involves taking advantage of our complimentary custom design process. Our design process is best considered when compared to how most home building options are presently structured. These typically are one of the following:

  1. Select a pre-designed plan of a home from a home builder
  2. Engage with an architect to create a customised home

The problem with the first option for many people is that you have far less say, the plan is used over again (so can look like your neighbour!), and doesn’t feature the same customisation to your individual preferences. The benefit here however, is you do not have the same design costs as option 2 and your build as a result may be underway faster - but you will be compromising on your design choices.

Engaging an architect does have the massive advantage of customisation. This means your new home is designed exactly the way you wanted it to be from the start. On the flipside, this option encompasses rising and substantial design costs, often heading well into the tens of thousands. This presents the problem of incurring costs before you even get an idea of what the finished design may look like. Essentially you are committing to a process that takes some time and costs more.

The key to getting your build and timing just right

Build7 is uniquely set up to offer complete flexibility in designing a home that is completely catered to your wishes. Think of this service as the ultimate trial period to test the services of a reputable Master Builder and the skills of our expert design team. To understand this best, please consider the following.

If you had complete freedom to design without incurring any design costs, what would you create?

With our Architectural Designers sitting right alongside our Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager, Construction Manager and wider management team you have access to the whole team’s input to help you determine your overall design considerations.

We put our investment up front towards you from day one. We are willing to wear these upfront costs, as we believe in the importance of unrestrained freedom to design for our clients and offer exceptional management of your vision. To be able to trial our services beforehand, knowing you have settled on the plan and team you have the belief in, to complete your project to the highest possible standard – obligation free!

Starting the process early

Considering the length of time it can take to build a new home, it is of the upmost importance to make contact with us early on to prevent any unnecessary hold ups. It doesn't matter which stage of the journey you are at. With our build team working closely alongside our design team we can also get to work on surveys, consents, engineering and all the things in the background that can cost you thousands, compared with working with an independent architect.

If you have land please get in touch to discuss timeframes and what the vision of your home would be.

Alternatively, if you are on the hunt for land to build on please still feel free to get in touch about our free section finding service. Our networks with residential developers and agents often means we get the low down before many land releases come to market.

Book in a complimentary consultation or contact us on 0800 778 777