CMA Valuations

Ready to make some money? Let’s chat about building you a house! 
Think of building a new home like you think of buying your produce from the farm gate, you're not paying the going market rate in that particular location for your new home, you're just paying what it costs. In fact, aside from the land on which you want to build, building a home at market rates is relatively similar across the entire country. Particularly for people living in locations with high price growth, building is the easiest way to gain immediate equity in your investment. Existing dwellings cannot offer you the same advantage, and don't often provide the energy efficiency of a new build, or the chance to create exactly what you want, from scratch. 
A recent example of an architecturally designed home we have built is our Cromwell Inspiration Home, the land was $380k + Build cost $850k, the build was completed in September 2020 and the home was sold in October 2021 for $1,700,000, giving our client a profit of $470,000. We can get a CMA from a local agent to provide some reassurance to the client around build cost, and which across the board has been delivering positive news for our clients about to begin building their new architecturally designed home. Combined with attractive interest rates for new build projects, building a home provides financial savings as well as a huge step up on the property ladder. For many people who purchased a home 5 years ago, they are sitting on the ability to build a new home for around the price of their existing dwelling, and make immediate gains in their financial position. - no not a valuation.

Whether you are considering an investment, or a forever home, or something in between, building a new home with Build7 provides you with the ability to protect your investment by attributing the style and feel to the architectural design. Immediate equity is attractive in every sense, but when you couple that with a bespoke floor plan, interest savings, and home that is specifically designed for your lifestyle, land and budget, you can enjoy the space for years to come, or move on to your next great adventure with a tidy little profit in your pocket. 
We are not oblivious to building supply price increases, but the nationwide scope of Build7 means we work with partner brands like Resene, The Tile Warehouse and Carters to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Our streamlined process mean that subcontractors know exactly when to be on site, so you don't end up paying for down time while the building team race to keep up. We pride ourselves on our construction processes, and as the number of new homes we build increases, we are excited about the opportunity to use this growth to further enhance savings for clients and our ability to negotiate on our clients behalf. Both for high quality products at competitive rates, but also for high performance technology that will improve the over all energy consumption of each new home we build. 

Building a new home will deliver exceptional long term savings in energy consumption, you can live in an architecturally designed home that is suited for your modern lifestyle, and you can gain immediate equity in the project. 
Other recent examples 

Example #1 - land $450k + build $785k = $1,235,000 - CMA Valuation between $1.4 & $1.5m, Equity around $215,000
Example #2 - land $480k + build $758k = $1,238,000 - CMA Valuation between $1.4 & $1.5m, Equity around $212,000Example #3 - land $385k + build $490k = $875,000 - Colliers Official valuation 3 months ago = $960k, Equity around $95,000

If 2022 is the year you want to build new, please get in touch with a member of our team on 0800 778 777.

Our Inspiration Home's will re-open on the 8th January. For the Cromwell Inspiration Home this will be the final week with it closing its doors for good on the 16th January 2022. This exceptional home is one of the most successful Inspiration Homes Build7 has produced to date. Check out the video and mark your calendars for what will be your last opportunity!