Behind the Build: Jamie - Construction Manager

This week, we're going Behind the Build again as we chat with Jamie, our Construction Manager for the South Island. Jamie is a wealth of knowledge and experience as he helps make our customers dream homes come to life.
Here's what we asked Jamie:

Tell us a little about yourself and the role you play on the Build7 team.
I am the South Island Construction Manager. I look after everything from design and pricing to delivering a completed project to our amazing clients. I work with our partners, suppliers and expert tradespeople to ensure that each build is done the right way every time. I also lend my experience and input to the process of preparing plans for a new build.

What has the journey to where you are now looked like?
After finishing school, I decided to do my carpentry apprenticeship and get my foot in the door as a trade. I moved to Australia and started my own business and was focused primarily on various renovation projects. I also up-skilled and gained my Australian builders' license.

After ten years in Australia, we decided to come home and start a family, and that's when I began my journey with Build7. I've learned many essential skills along the way that help me in my work now.

In your opinion, what makes Build7 different from other builders?
I think the people within the organisation make us different and our ability to listen to the customers. We offer a genuinely bespoke build experience, so our ability to hear and understand what our customers need and want has become crucial to our success. We also produce some of the most stunning and practical homes in New Zealand because we build custom.

If you had to describe the build experience in three words, which words would you use?
Communication is Key: if anything can make or break a build, it's the builder's commitment to all other parties to maintain clear and consistent communication. We work hard to ensure that our clients are informed, empowered and educated about what is taking place at their future home site.

You've overseen many building projects: what has been one of the most notable ones for you?
Wow, that's a hard one; probably building our own family home a few years ago. We put so much emotion into it, and we were very proud of the house. It brings perspective to a new level and helps me to see through our client's eyes.

The Build7 house plan lineup is growing all the time: which designs are your favourite?
The Southerner: it's a brilliant design and shows what Build7 can do.

What factors do you consider when you're advising clients about their build?
Design and budget. These things work hand in hand and are not mutually exclusive. We tailor each build to the defined budget. Out of respect for our clients and what is best for them, we'll be sure always to make suggestions that honour and maximise their investment in us and their home.

What is a weakness in the home construction industry that you'd like to see a solution for?
Access to more building products would reduce costs, I believe; when there are more market options, competition is higher, which benefits the consumer. More choices make for slightly more complex decision-making, but we have a skilled team to help.

Tell us a bit about the tools you use to manage the building projects you supervise?
We use various platforms on our projects, including an app-based timeline which keeps us in contact with all sub-contractors and suppliers on every job. It's a useful tool that our customers can access during their build. I have also learned that you can't beat the old fashioned phone call.

What advice would you give to people considering building a new home?
Make all your decisions before the build starts; it will be a more pleasant journey through the construction phase. Come prepared with an idea of what you want in your home so we can be proactive. With the current delays on products due to the global shipping industries' state, we prefer to get everything ordered early to avoid delays.

We hope you've enjoyed this conversation with Jamie, another vital member of our team. If you have any questions or need guidance as you consider your new build, we'd love to lend a hand; we're always just an email or a call away.