A high performance home in record time

As a Master Builder that specialises in architecturally designed homes, we believe in maintaining the highest possible standards of design and construction. This is something we believe in every step of the way, and means we are not afraid to confront areas we deem inadequately addressed within the construction industry.

While there are numerous options and building processes for people to consider, one thing remains a common thread within New Zealand. The New Zealand building code on the whole is at a substandard level in terms of its minimum requirements, by comparison to many other developed countries – meaning many homes are not up to their ideal standard for their climate.

At the same time, in the current market you would be hard pressed to say anything other than demand within the building industry is at all time high levels. This includes everything from labour, land, consenting, materials, you name it! While this does present some challenges, it does also present a number of opportunities. For us, that means extending out our options even further, rather than cutting any corners.

Increasing numbers of New Zealanders are realising the importance of investing further into such things as the envelope of a home.⁠ A home’s envelope is the bits you don’t always see. It represents added benefits such as reduced heating costs, reduced condensation levels and avoiding mould build-up.⁠

For many years this has just been the standard that many people and the industry has come to accept. For us, a high performance home should be seen as an investment that keeps on giving over the long term for your own living costs, and your family’s health.

At Build7 we are perfectly set up to be nimble, responsive and attentive to our clients’ needs. Our nationwide reach means we are able to extend wider group benefits to you - including competitive rates within our supply chains, a design and construction team that is well resourced and in-house, and our network of contractors and trades partners that we have the privilege of long term partnerships with.

What options do I have to speed up the design / building process but still get the best performance outcome?

A great consideration that is different to what we usually offer, is to look at one of our ready to go architectural home plans. This option helps to expedite the design process significantly, as the bulk of the design work is already done! From there, it is a case of determining your home’s performance preferences, while letting us know what certain aspects of the design you want to have adapted relative to your site. Our team has extensive knowledge in this area and as a certified member of Passive House Institute New Zealand we can advise on everything from insulation, glazing and heating, to solar energy and other eco technological options.

We still and always will maintain a customised approach with our complimentary design service. So if your preference still remains to build from scratch, we can and will always accommodate this. However, we do also understand the importance of providing these further options for you to choose from. If shortening the distance from design considerations, to actually living in your home is important to you, then these plans can be easily tailored to your site specific requirements.

Better yet, you still get to make adjustments and customisations as part of our complimentary in-house design service as we have always done!

Check out our ready to go architectural plan range here.