A holiday home custom designed for the environment

With summer holidays bearing down on us it is only natural for us to start thinking about our perfect escape.

Kiwi’s are renowned for having their top places they love to keep frequenting. It is not at all uncommon to meet people that have booked the same site year on year for decades – you probably know the people or that may even be you! A holiday home offers the best of both worlds – that freedom of being released from any of the commitments and stresses of life, while at the same time being a place of comfort and protection from the local elements.

Unfortunately even though kiwi baches have a lot of character, many are often reaching an end point in their life, where you feel you may be plugging holes in a sinking ship! For whatever reason your humble holiday home or getaway spot may no longer be fit for its ongoing purpose. This could be due to its ongoing upkeep, changes to tax policies if you are renting it out, or you may have the location, but have just not taken the next step to building on the site.

Each holiday home needs to pay respect to both its environment it will occupy and the particular choices of the individual or family. A custom designed home offers the ability to bridge this important balance. For many people this means still tipping the hat to the humble kiwi bach, yet bringing it up to the current new home standards, or for your particular family dynamic.

Build7 is built on offering a flexible approach, starting from your first interaction with our team members, and then right throughout the design process. It is also about being incredibly open to the inevitable changes you will make along the way, and lending expert advice at any stage it is needed.

From left - Nadiya (Office Manager), Megan (Architectural Designer), Tom (Project Manager), Chintan (Quantity Surveyor)

Our home designers sit directly alongside our expert management team consisting of construction, project and quantity surveying. Having our key construction and design team in-house ensures the most efficient system for us to operate and tailor our service more specifically to you. We are always guided by each client’s considerations and influences, while at the same time will be happy to lend an expert opinion on such things as high performance home technology, or site and orientation considerations. If material or construction choices are likely to under or over perform in the environment you are building in, we will be happy to talk this through to help you make the best informed choices.

As a Master Builder our construction process is backed by our 12 month checks along with a 10 year guarantee. Our team is widespread though out the North and South Island's and have the ability to come to you, or if you are nearby you can visit one of our Inspiration Homes.

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