2022 - It’s going to be big!

While our team will take some time to spend with family over Christmas and New Year’s public holidays, we are still available and on call for you to make some enquiries over this period. We understand this may be where you finally have the time to start putting those dinner time conversations into more workable ideas to commence!

As we close the door on 2021 we look optimistically toward the 2022 year. The new year comes with new product releases from our suppliers, new design trends, new Inspiration Homes due to open and more client homes we are handing the keys over to than ever before. At the same time Build7 has extended its services right throughout the country into more regions. Be sure to check out our different regions at the bottom of this page.

While we do categorise ourselves as home builders we take pride in not limiting ourselves to just one aspect. Instead we choose to immerse ourselves in everything including design and new immerging technology and beyond. We have key partnerships to ensure the conversations of exactly what you require can achieve the desired result in a collaborative way.

Introduction to the latest in-home technologies

Technology moves at such a rapid pace. We are therefore able to introduce you to all the latest options that can make life that much easier, your home to operate more energy efficiently, and making sustainable choices all part of the new home build.

Here are a number of options that may feature on your new home 2022 wishlist that we are happy to discuss further.

Energy efficiency – This conversation can be started right from the get-go. Tell us about what is most important to you, be that a solar system, upgrading window glazing, increasing insulation requirements or choosing energy efficient appliances and technologies. Our close partnerships with high quality brands means we cannot only focus on function, but also getting the balance of performance requirements met within your budget considerations. 

Making life easier – We are heading towards a time where home automation technology is becoming not only more sophisticated, but the expected standard for true home comfort. This can include smart phone integrated appliances - allowing you to take control of everything such as your heating/cooling needs, security, entertainment, while factoring in your optimum comfort and convenience levels.

As a Master Builder we also do see the benefits of assisting our clients with everything that makes your home truly perform to the highest possible standard. Build7 are certified members of Passive House Institute New Zealand. Click here to learn more about the importance of a high performance home.

Design led and inspired by you

Our approach ensures you have an in-house architectural design team to have direct access to. We are happy to work with any iteration of your existing ideas. Whether that be a blank piece of paper where you are seeking as much input to start, you have an existing plan you like the look of, a couple of scribbles, or even a 3D basic concept if you are that way inclined!

Our design approach is completely adaptable to your needs. We are able to present an option within our ready-to-go plan range to get you into an architecturally designed home in the fastest possible way. Alternatively, if you wish to take some more time to fully customise the home of your dreams then we can start this process with your own original ideas.

The best part of all, our architectural design process is offered complimentary – taking any financial cost or associated risk out of the equation, allowing you a full expression of freedom with our design experts!

Alongside this we also offer every Build7 client a consult with an interior design expert. Ensuring your home hits all those high notes. Our ultimate satisfaction is in seeing people experience and immerse themselves in a home that has every element of their influence. This is why we are not in the game of making cookie cutter style homes and why we never build the same home twice!

In more places than ever before

As demand has increased, so to has the ability for New Zealanders to access our services in their local region. This year has seen the introduction of new areas to the Build7 family. These include Mackenzie, Waikato, Lower North Island and our Build7 Property Investment Service.

With more places than ever before and with our design and construction team consolidated into one office, this allows us to continue offering operational efficiency along with a highly personalised level of service you can expect through our regional team members.

Check out your closest region to get in touch or learn more today!